Matcha zen cafe blend - 1 lb

Matcha zen cafe blend - 1 lb
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Product Description

As the global population becomes more health conscious, drink makers have been looking for better alternatives to coffee based beverages. Many have started using teas to fit the bill. As a result, more and more cafes now offer teas and tea-based smoothies or lattes. Many of these tea-based “healthy alternatives,” however, tend to not be all natural or contain too much sugar. Aiya's Matcha Zen Cafe Blend is the perfect solution to this problem. Aiya's Zen Cafe Blend contains pure Matcha green tea powder and is only slightly sweetened with pure cane sugar, making it easy to create delicious green tea flavored drinks. Matcha green tea is unlike any other tea because you are actually consuming the whole tea leaf and receiving 100% of its nutritional benefits. That is the beauty of Matcha green tea; you can use it however you like while still receiving the full health benefits straight from the leaf.

Our Matcha Zen Cafe Blendis packaged in 1 lb size bags for foodservice or in convenient single-serving sticks for those on the go.

Recommended recipes are: Matcha Coconut Latte and Matcha Mango Smoothie.

This 1lb bag is good for 30 servings at 8 oz. a glass for Smoothie or Lattes.